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"Bridget Boland has written a powerhouse of a debut novel. The Doula takes an unflinching look at some of the worst calamities that can befall a life, and shows us the grace and redemption that can grow out of our darkest moments. Never sentimental, but with real compassion that rings true on every page, Boland takes us on a hard-fought journey toward genuine wisdom."

~ Ben Fountain, author of Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

"Dallas author Bridget Bolands compelling debut novel is an ambitious work, brimful of the tumult and uncertainty of human life, from its messy beginnings at birth to its inevitable ending in death.

Boland's specialized legal knowledge, her shamanic wisdom and her sense of the awe and beauty of birth, all lend authenticity to the novel.

Bolands novel teems with issues family dynamics and dysfunction, low self-esteem, mother-daughter conflict and autonomy, the premature loss of innocence, the corrosive power of keeping secrets, medical establishment procedures vs. natural childbirth, loyalty and infidelity, the liberating power of telling the truth. It's a testament to her authorial skills that she brings all these into a coherent and satisfying whole.

Readers who savored the psychological acuity and courtroom drama in Chris Bohjalians Midwives, a 1997 New York Times best-seller and Oprah pick, will appreciate the similarities Boland's novel delivers (pun intended)."

~ Dallas Morning News

"In this stunning novel, a woman employed as a doula - a support system for expecting mothers and fathers - finds her life unraveling into a bundle of childhood memories...after she is sued by a couple whose child suffered serious birth defects at delivery. Though she is not the only person being sued, Carolyn Connors is being held responsible for the child's debilities. As if the event wasn't scarring enough, making her question her desire to start a family of her own, her mother arrives, which unleashes past unhappiness. As the trial nears and Caro delves into an affair with her real estate agent, her boyfriend tries to convince her to settle out of court and Caro becomes an emotional mess, much like her mother once did. Well written and researched, with stirring, honest, raw prose, the characters are convincingly flawed and realistic. A truly stunning effort!"

~ Publishers Weekly

"The author easily pulled me into the lives of the characters in this story.In a sense I felt like it was a coming of age story for Caroline, but that really was only part of the story, because we also see Caro deal with her past once something happens that might threaten her future. There were several interesting characters, and one of my favorite had to be Caroline's great aunt Ruby. Her character along with her other aunt's also known as the ABC's were so easy to envision and really added another layer to the story. Overall I really enjoyed this story, my only complaint was I found a few errors with spelling that sometimes had me pausing to reread a line or two which inturrupted the flow of the story. I will certainly be watching to see what this debut author comes up with next."

~ WV Stitcher Book blog


"Raw, soul-seeking and poignant; The Doula will stay with you long after you've set it down."

~ The Garden of Books blog


"The Doula is a fascinating look at motherhood as Kahil Gibran stated "On Children" in the Prophet: "You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth." Carolyn is a terrific protagonist as she holds the engaging storyline together. While MG's character abruptly does a 180 degree turn around (perhaps caused by hormones running wild), fans will

enjoy this deep look at birth and death."

~ Genre Go Round Reviews blog


"Bridget Boland's writing is great but Carolyn was a difficult character to get into. She seems to have some sort of foresight or prescience which she just chooses to ignore. Even when a colleague advises her to fall back from the Mary Grace situation, she still charges in. What's the use of ESP if you choose to ignore it? Almost every conflict in her life is caused by

Carolyn making the worst possible decision in every situation."


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